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513 PARK Graduates

289 Scholarships

125 College Graduates

21 Servining in Military

21 Masters Degrees

1 Juris Doctorate

1 Ph.D.

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Rodrick McCollum

P.A.R.K. welcomes Rodrick McCollum, Program Director, Jr. Mr. McCollum is no stranger to P.A.R.K.; he graduated from the program in 2008. He is full of ideas that will take P.A.R.K. to the next level. Welcome aboard, Mr. Mac!

- Rodrick McCollum/ Program Director

Lillian Russell

Lillian Russell has been P.A.R.K.'s Curriculum Coordinator for five years. She ensures every 8th—11th grade student has what they need academically to improve their grades. Ms. Russell's wisdom has made her a mother figure for many staff members and students.

- Lilliam Russell/Curricullum Coordinator

Tyana Wilson

Tyana Wilson is a Southwest High School senior who performs at the highest level. She is also an entrepreneur who creates handmade items. Tyana received several college acceptance letters and a $2,500 McLarty Automotive Group Scholarship. She wants to become a nurse.

- Tyana Wilson/12th Grade

Kobi White

Kobi White, a 2016 P.A.R.K grad and 2020 University of Richmond graduate with a bachelor's degree in Women and Gender Studies, is now a manager at Amazon in Memphis, Tennessee.

- Kobi White - 2016 P.A.R.K. Graduate

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