Kenneth Gooden, future Business Marketing owner? Probably. Future basketball star? Maybe. Well, here, at P.A.R.K., he’s our first round draft pick for the 2018-2019 school year. Entering the program, Kenneth Gooden could’ve been easily missed due to his shy, quiet, and immature nature. 

However, that seemed to shift at the loss of his eight years old brother. Instead of using this unfortunate traumatic circumstance to spiral his life out of control, Kenneth used it as fuel and motivation to create a successful life and legacy that his younger brother could be proud of.  

Over the years, with the heavy influence from his mother, not only has Kenneth found his voice but also his footing in the hearts of the students and staff at P.A.R.K. “Kenneth is a true man, honest. He is true to his word,” stated by Mr. Christopher Rudley, Student Life Manager, as he reminisces on Kenneth through the years.

With Kenneth’s busy schedule with the Little Rock Kappa League, he’s also earned the Mr. P.A.R.K. Award, P.A.R.K. Attendance Award, Metro Rotary Scholarship, Hope Scholarship, and P.A.R.K. Outreach Scholarship. Among these accomplishments, Kenneth is also 2018-2019 P.A.R.K. Student of the Year. 

In the fall, the kid from Little Rock, Arkansas, entering P.A.R.K. with a 2.5 GPA and currently 3.1 accumulative GPA, will be enrolled at Henderson State University, in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. His prospected field of studies is Business and Marketing. After graduating from the School With the Heart, he plans on moving to Dallas, Texas. Just think of how much brighter it’s going to be in Texas. Kenneth says he is taking with him, “maturity, knowledge, and positivity,” That makes for a big pot of success trimmed in greatness.